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John Haenke, producer/cameraman of FishingDownUnder, Wildfish and Escape with ET is now guiding in the Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast region of Central Queensland! Few other anglers have sampled as many spectacular fishing spots in Australia and across the South Pacific as John. A day on the water is about more than just fishing – John is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and passion with fellow anglers.

Fish the Fitzroy, home of the Barramundi! Explore the estuaries and delta of this vast system targeting Barra and King Threadfin. Fish for Saratoga in the unspoilt tributaries of the Fitzroy. Target Permit and other fly species on the great array of flats in this area. Marvel at the beauty of the Keppel Islands and Great Barrier Reef, while targeting a range of pelagic and reef species.

John offers a variety of different guided fishing charters, with a maximum of three guests per Charter. His guiding service is not a one size fits all charter, they prefer to talk to you before booking a day with them to see what your expectations are, the sort of fishing you’d enjoy, and your angling skills - and they’ll tailor the charter to your preferences.

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