Turkey Beach | Southern Great Barrier Reef Turkey Beach | Southern Great Barrier Reef

Turkey Beach

Turkey Beach is a ‘real’ fishing village, more tractors than turkeys, usually parked in eager anticipation after towing boats of all shapes and sizes to the waters’ edge.

And lurking just below surface, you’d better believe you’ll catch ‘real’ fish; huge mangrove jack are the most sought after species, although the area is renowned for regular hauls of bream, flathead and the occasional cod.

It’s not uncommon to pull a mud crab or two from the mangroves, and if you’re at a loss on how best to prepare a big buck, you needn’t worry; nearby Miriam Vale is known far and wide for some of the best crab sandwiches anywhere in Australia and has been serving them up for more than three decades. Although if you need further proof, simply sneak a peek at the big, red reminder perched proudly on the service station roof!

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