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It’s perhaps the only town in Queensland that is ‘chilled’ by name and very much by nature.

Childers is the beating heart of the regional food bowl and can trace its well-earned reputation back to the 1800s, when it was little more than a sleepy sugar cane settlement with a big future.

The area is still famous for its old-world charm and a stroll through the certified National Trust Town is a throwback to Queensland’s colonial past. Boasting more than 25 beautiful heritage-listed buildings, there is perhaps no more picturesque place to start than the historic Butcher Shop built circa 1896, before taking in the famous Palace Hotel, home to the local Visitor Information Centre, the Backpacker Memorial and the Childers Art Space (CHARTS), which features a changing variety of works from local, state and national artists.

Childers’ present day produce is sure to whet your appetite for all the Southern Great Barrier Reef has to offer. The surrounding green hills and rich red soil produce some of the most sought after avocados and macadamias you will ever taste and rustic farm stalls speckle the roadside for miles. A number of awardwinning wineries offer daily cellar door tours and tastings and every year, during the last weekend in July, these flourishing localflavours combine for the annual Childers Festival – a grand old gathering of 40,000-plus people celebrating delicious food, live music and a thriving country culture.

The kids won’t let you leave town without trying a famous Mammino Ice Cream – including the signature Red Dirt Jaffa Macadamia – and the Snakes Downunder Reptile Park & Zoo is well worth a visit.

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