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Burnett Heads

The region’s rich history continues at Burnett Heads where the old lighthouse stands testament to a bygone era dating back almost 150 years. Just upstream, the Port of Bundaberg is a real ‘sweet spot’ in every sense of the word – last year the Bundy Sugar Terminal exported more than 516,080 tonnes to world markets! And the favour goes both ways, it’s also the main Port of Entry for yachts entering Australia. Its sheltered marinas and Customs facilities make it a popular first port of call.

Retired Australian naval ship the HMAS Tobruk is currently at the Port being prepared to be ‘scuttled’ off the coast of Bundaberg as a dive site in 2019.You can pick up fresh seafood straight rom the trawlers, enjoy a picnic of fish & chips, as well as climbing aboard day trip and charter vessels to the Reef from the Bundaberg Port Marina.

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