Fitzroy River Barra Bash

13 May 2020 to 16 March 2020

The 2020 Fitzroy River Barra Bash offers all Fisherman the opportunity to compete in one of the richest salt water Barramundi Comps in Australia. This years event will be live streamed for the first time, allowing supporters to join in on the action! This year there will be 100 teams in the closed competition.

Wednesday May 13:

5pm: Registration: Frenchville Sports Club. 6pm: Compulsory Briefing: Frenchville Sports Club

Thursday May 14:

6am to 5pm - Barra Bash Fishing Tournament. 5pm to 7pm - Daily Tally sheet to be provided.

Friday May 15:

6am to 2pm - Barra Bash Fishing Tournament. 5.30pm - *Presentation Dinner, Frenchville Sports Club

Saturday May 16:

12noon - 5pm Recovery Session at Frenchville Sports Club 5pm Boat Giveaway

*Dinner and a selection of drinks will be provided at the presentation dinner.

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