Southern Great Barrier Reef Tasting Trails | Southern Great Barrier Reef

Southern Great Barrier Reef Tasting Trails

Pack your appetite and come discover where great taste begins on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, just a 4hrs drive North of Brisbane.

With our rich volcanic soil, near-perfect climate, abundant waterways, and surrounding seas the Southern Great Barrier Reef is bursting with freshness. Come, roll-up your sleeves, meet the passionate makers behind tantalising flavours, pile plates high and leave your glass empty - We’ve already saved you a seat!

From the region feeding the nation, discover Bundaberg's thriving food bowl where 25% of Australia's fresh fruit and veg is grown, harvested and delivered to your table year-round. Uncover a passion for plating freshly caught seafood and growing organic produce ready for the picking across the Gladstone region and let your taste buds travel through the Capricorn Coast, known for being home of premium surf and turf feasts.

Whether you're looking to fill your basket and weave your way between local farm gates that are filled to the brim with produce hand-picked that morning, sip and swirl your way through local artisan distillers, brewers and cider houses, or looking to meet the makers behind what's on your plate, come treat your taste buds to a freshness like no other thanks to our regions unapologetic love for local. Here's your complete guide to savouring a taste of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

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