SGBR at Australian Tourism Exchange 2019

The Southern Great Barrier Reef is counting down to the 2019 Australian Tourism Exchange, with eight (8) operators travelling to Perth to meet our partners from around the world!

Representing the region will be:

Tourism Australia’s Annual Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) brings 2,500 sellers and buyers in the tourism industry participate in four days of back to back 15 minute appointments as well as networking events throughout the week. The event is key in our annual business to business contracting, allowing us to connect with our partners from around the globe, old and new.

The SGBR has grown from less than 10 to nearly 60 tourism “trade ready” products across the entire SGBR destination in the past eight years, which are now contracting with tourism trade (Wholesalers and Inbound Tour Operators), thanks to the strong commitment, both financially and in human resources, by the three RTO’s of Capricorn Enterprise, GAPDL (Gladstone region) and Bundaberg Tourism (Bundaberg).

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