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Meet the Master Reef Guides of the Southern Great Barrier Reef

The Master Reef Guide program is delivered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators and Tourism and Events Queensland and is the first of its kind for the Reef. The program provides a formal and appealing qualification to tourism staff.

The Great Barrier Reef tourism industry plays a vital role in presenting the values of the World Heritage Area to millions of visitors annually. Master Reef Guides both provide up-to-date information on the Reef and share their stories and experiences, explain how you can get involved in reef protection, and provide tips and tricks to help the Reef from anywhere in the world.

The Southern Great Barrier Reef is fortunate enough to have seven master reef guides educating visitors - from south to north, get to know:

Peter Gash, Lady Elliot Island

Jessica Blackmore, Lady Elliot Island

Jacinta Shakleton, Lady Elliot Island

Cameron Butler, Lady Musgrave Island

Rachael Jones, Heron Island

Sam Appleton, Great Keppel Watersports

Maxwell Allen, Freedom Fast Cats>

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