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A maze of deep gutters is just one of the highlights of diving the Coral Canyons. This dive site off Heron Island has countless gutters cutting in and out of the reef in depth from 15 metres to 20 metres. These canyons are decorated with pretty hard and soft corals, but divers will also see gorgonians and sea whips in the area. There are also many ledges to explore at the Coral Canyons, which are home to crayfish, squirrelfish and tasselled wobbegong sharks. While turtles, trevally, reef sharks, batfish and stingrays are common in the area, take some time to look for some of the smaller reef inhabitants. The Coral Canyons is a good place to see nudibranchs, octopus, shrimps, boxfish, lionfish and gobies.

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