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Mon Repos

Located just seven kilometres from Bundaberg, Mon Repos beach is the largest nesting grounds of the endangered loggerhead turtle. Every year from November to March, hundreds of turtles return home after travelling thousands of kilometres across the wide blue yonder to nest and lay their eggs. But it’s the fact they make it home at all that is perhaps most remarkable. Research shows a great number of loggerheads found at Mon Repos are over 80 years old and travel thousands of kilometres across the open ocean, avoiding predators and utilising the earth’s magnetic field as a prehistoric GPS!

It is, you might say, nothing short of ‘turtle-y’ amazing! Turtle puns aside, visitors can get up close and personal with thousands of baby hatchlings as they defy the odds and scramble towards the pristine waters of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, to forge their own path and continue the cycle of life.

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