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Carnarvon Gorge

The Carnarvon National Park and surrounding area has been revered by the traditional owners since the dreamtime; Aboriginal art dating back tens of thousands of years is etched across the towering sandstone walls and local tales tell of the rainbow serpents that still live in the water flowing through Carnarvon Creek.

The gorge itself can best be described as a subtropical oasis hidden in the rugged Central Highland ranges – the sandy brown and golden orange of the soft sandstone stands in stark contrast to the vibrant green plant life including prehistoric cycads and fan palms.

The area has become a hiking mecca for bushwalkers and nature lovers from far and wide, thanks to the 27 kilometres of hiking trails winding their way through to natural pools, Aboriginal art sites and smaller surrounding gorges. More than 170 species of birds make it a popular stop for bird watchers and a variety of accommodation is available depending on the time of year.

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