Queensland Tourism Exchange 2020 | Southern Great Barrier Reef

Queensland Tourism Exchange 2020

Connecting with industry in North America

In August 2020, Southern Great Barrier Reef attended the inaugural ‘Queensland Tourism Exchange (QTE)’, hosted by Tourism and Events Queensland. The virtual event was held over two nights and allowed Queensland industry to connect with our friends and key North America Distribution Partners to share stories and updates on products and news.

The event was a great success, the program designed to allow Queensland sellers to virtually engage with key North American buyers (Key Distribution Partners and Premier Aussie Specialists) to maintain preferred partnership, review experience development, and to discuss opportunities for when Australian borders reopen. A total of 32 participants from the Queensland industry (including six RTO’s) met with around 60 key North American buyers, a group that represent TEQ’s core partners in-market. Similar events are planned for our international markets with New Zealand next on the list!

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