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New Translated Tour Materials for Capricorn Caves

New Translated Tour Materials for Capricorn Caves

International guests make up a significant portion of Capricorn Caves’ visitation, so to better support and enhance the visitor experience and overcome the language barrier they have launched translated tour information in 12 languages. With so much detailed information being delivered on tour and also at the point of sale for the guest to decide what tour best suits their needs, there is the potential for information to be lost in translation. It was with this in mind that the Capricorn Caves management made the decision to expand their tour information online and physically at the counter with translated tour documentation.

With the engagement of a professional translator service they were able to successfully translate their Cathedral cave tour flyer. Content about their most popular tour can now be understood in their international guest’s native tongue, it means making content more relevant for a foreign reader.

The Cathedral Cave tour flyer is now available on the Capricorn Caves website is the following languages


With German and French visitors being the highest languages they further translated a comprehensive flyer on their facilities and also all tours offered, also available to view or download online.

As a result of globalisation, working with international guests and travel agencies in their native tongue is more important than ever. Although English is widely spoken, many individuals for whom it is not a first language would prefer to read about tours and facilities in their native language and now guests at the Capricorn Caves are able to enjoy this on their website and at their front counter.

They will be continuing to expand the language base and continue to grow their resources to cater to international guests to give them the most positive experience they can possibly have on their holiday in this beautiful country, and while at the Capricorn Caves.

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