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A tour is a wonderful way to experience the Southern Great Barrier Reef. With a huge range of experiences of offer, there is plenty to explore. If it's reef you're looking for, there are trips out to many of the Southern Great Barrier Reef islands where you can spend time snorkeling or diving right on the reef. At Mon Repos you can witness an ancient life cycle of the animal kingdom, as majestic sea turtles make their journey to the shore to lay their eggs. Delight at the sight of their young hatching months later, and making their perilous journey to sea.

Back on land there is still plenty of things to do. Take a trip underground to see natural caves, get a taste for rum on the at Bundaberg Distilling Co. or take a guided walk through the towering landscape of Carnarvon Gorge. For a combination of both, join an adventure tour aboard an amphibious vessel.



Information & Bookings
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