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Great Keppel Island

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When you set foot on Great Keppel Island you will feel as though you have stepped onto an island paradise where the dazzling white sand flows between your toes and the blue ocean sparkles before your eyes.

The largest island of the 18 Keppel Bay Islands, Great Keppel Island is home to 17 pristine white sand beaches and an interior rich with native flora and fauna, all waiting for you to explore. With the protection of a fringing reef, the surrounding waters are amazingly calm, making it perfect for all types of water sports such as snorkelling, sea kayaking, water-skiing and tubing. You can even view the abundance of tropical fish, and colourful coral with just short swim off the beach. Accommodation on Great Keppel Island ranges from tents and cabins or even a private beach house on the water's edge, and ferries depart most days to Great Keppel Island from Pier One, Rosslyn Bay.

The climate and location are a perfect mix for sailing adventures. The shallow fringing reefs and vast, abundant marine life, is quickly and easily accessed by boat. Divers can experience more than 40 dive locations, and see hundreds of different varieties of tropical fish, hard and soft coral, friendly turtles, sea snakes, dolphins, and giant manta rays. A number of charters, and full day cruises, sailing adventures, and extended tour options are also available from Keppel Bay Marina. You can even learn to sail in tropical island waters with an experienced instructor!

Camping is allowed in the Keppel Bay Islands National Park of North Keppel Island, Humpy Island, Miall Island, Middle Island, Pided Island & Pelican Island. Visitors must bring their own drinking water and campers require a camping permit. Details and bookings can be made through the National Parks.